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Mindfulness and Meditation


Many of us are struggling with the impact of some of the changes in technology and priorities within our society, which have become especially detrimental to well-being over the past few decades. Through meditation, you can access profound mental states of joy and deep satisfaction, and a sense of awakening to the nature of the things and of your place in life. 

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation of are tremendous. A regular seated meditation practice has been shown to enhance concentration, lower blood pressure and improve sleep. It is used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Not only that, but meditation helps you develop valuable insights about your habits and relationships, giving you a greater degree of freedom of control over your life.


Thank you for all your beautiful words, wise insight, and human approach to holding space! You are a gem!
— Mindhouse Meditation


Natalie is one of London’s leading modern meditation and mindfulness teachers. She is the lead meditation teacher with Mind:Unlocked and Myndfull and teaches regularly with As We Live and Breathe and Mindhouse Meditation as well as for some of the most progressive, highly-regarded companies in the world.

Natalie is trained by the renowned zen master and psychotherapist Michael Stone. She has received the five Buddhist precepts under the order of Thich Nhat Hahn, and was humbled to have received the honorific dharma name ‘smiling bodhisattva of the heart’. Natalie also trains with Bodhi College under Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock, Akincano Weber & Chris Cullen. Having practiced meditation for over a decade she has extensive experience applying meditation through many of the same challenges we all face living in this kind of environment.

Natalie has also studied tantric meditaition with Christopher Wallis, pranayama (breathwork) with Alaric Newcombe, and is training in sound meditation practices with Leo Cosendai.


Physical, mental and emotional freedom


Yoga is a wonderful way to develop a lean, supple body, a steady mind, and a sense if inner fulfillment, joy and compassion. With regular practice you just feel better in every way: physical movement becomes more free and easy, you find comfort sitting in stillness in your body and in your mind, and emotionally you lighten up both on and off the mat. A single session is enough to find an immediate buzz, while a few months of steady practice will often result in surprising improvements in terms of outlook on life, easing of chronic pain or troubles, and improvements in physical possibilities. 

Natalie's teaching centres around developing an empowering, intuitive practice which is adaptable for the body on any given day, season, place or time. They range in intensity from strong, invigorating Vinyasa to super slow, soothing and introspective Yin. Natalie integrates pilates and contemporary movement practices into her teaching to support a healthy posture, joint mobility and stability and muscle recruitment. Yet they all encourage and develop self-awareness, a winding down of the nervous system, and an inner sense of harmony by meeting you at a level that is accessible yet challenging and offering plenty of opportunity to explore and the body and mind. You leaving a sense of being both energised and deeply nourished.



“I have a brilliant time with Natalie, she is a very talented  teacher. Kind, warm and professional, I feel happy to have her in my home on a one to one basis. She make me work without pushing so hard I am not able to keep up. I would highly recommend her for both women and men as my husband joins in when he can.”

“Natalie is a professional knowledgeable yoga teacher, she is extremely understanding and listens to your individual needs, I have been practicing with Natalie for a few months now, and she has really made a positive impact to not only my yoga practice but to how kind and gentle I am with myself, I have really started to reap the benefits.”

“I've always struggled to get into yoga but Natalie creates an supportive and inclusive environment that balanced a range of experience. I made really quick progress and could not recommend more highly.”


Wellness Coaching

Working with Natalie is a partnership. A sense of well-being normally comes out of a combination of factors in your life and as such it’s important to take the time to explore where you are and where you want to be from all angles.

Natalie utilises mindfulness and NLP techniques in her coaching as powerful methods for creating positive changes in our thought patterns to effect change. Simply put, life and wellness coaching helps you get more out of life.



Goal-driven approach

Do you have a specific goal in mind? A career shift? A shift towards a healthier lifestyle?

Sometimes it’s clear what we want and all we need is a little motivation, guidance and support. Natalie can offer mindset and project management techniques as well as insight into wellness and motivation to help you get there in a strategic way. Her down to earth, inquisitive approach draws out hidden resources you may not have known were there, and helps you gain further clarify and direction.

By measuring your level of satisfaction against set criteria and working together to really figure out how to measure success, you will be able to progress with a sense of ease, conviction and momentum.  

Exploratory approach

Are you uncertain of where you want to be? Feel in some way that you are not fulfilling your potential, feel disconnected, uneasy or lacking in motivation?

This happens to us all throughout our lives. Natalie’s approach here is to combine wellness coaching around one or usually several of the lifestyle factors shown in the wheel with mindfulness-based meditation to support that work at a non-cognitive level. Connecting to your body and breathing and noticing the habits of the mind can help to provide a sense of stability as well as reveal insights into desires, latent fears, assumptions and aspirations we may not have been aware we had. Over time this is a tremendously rewarding journey towards resolving feelings of tension or dissonance.

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Is it for me?

Easy to fit in

Coaching doesn't need to be time-consuming. Sessions mostly take place on the phone in 45-60 minutes at your convenience and we can get straight to the issue. Face to face meeting are also possible to arrange.

How many sessions will I need?

Depending on what you are looking to achieve it typically will take around three months of coaching to start to notice real, life-changing improvements. We'll normally start with one session a week initially and then reduce this as we get closer to reaching your goals.