Physical, mental and emotional freedom


Yoga is a wonderful way to develop a lean, supple body, a steady mind, and a sense if inner fulfillment, joy and compassion. With regular practice you just feel better in every way: physical movement becomes more free and easy, you find comfort sitting in stillness in your body and in your mind, and emotionally you lighten up both on and off the mat. A single session is enough to find an immediate buzz, while a few months of steady practice will often result in surprising improvements in terms of outlook on life, easing of chronic pain or troubles, and improvements in physical possibilities. 

Natalie's teaching centres around developing an empowering, intuitive practice which is adaptable for the body on any given day, season, place or time. They range in intensity from strong, invigorating Vinyasa to super slow, soothing and introspective Yin. Natalie integrates pilates and contemporary movement practices into her teaching to support a healthy posture, joint mobility and stability and muscle recruitment. Yet they all encourage and develop self-awareness, a winding down of the nervous system, and an inner sense of harmony by meeting you at a level that is accessible yet challenging and offering plenty of opportunity to explore and the body and mind. You leaving a sense of being both energised and deeply nourished.



“I have a brilliant time with Natalie, she is a very talented  teacher. Kind, warm and professional, I feel happy to have her in my home on a one to one basis. She make me work without pushing so hard I am not able to keep up. I would highly recommend her for both women and men as my husband joins in when he can.”

“Natalie is a professional knowledgeable yoga teacher, she is extremely understanding and listens to your individual needs, I have been practicing with Natalie for a few months now, and she has really made a positive impact to not only my yoga practice but to how kind and gentle I am with myself, I have really started to reap the benefits.”

“I've always struggled to get into yoga but Natalie creates an supportive and inclusive environment that balanced a range of experience. I made really quick progress and could not recommend more highly.”