A rich, interactive and systematic compassion and meditation program to cultivate greater joy, self-love and more fulfilling relationships. 

5th June - 7th August 2018


4th September - 6th NOVEMber 2018

LIVE: Tuesday Evenings, 8pm GMT and recorded online

Ideally we would like to have it all. A rich and fulfilling life. A rewarding career. Sparkling relationships. A deep sense of peace, joy and well-being. While we may desire all these things the challenge of actually achieving them can seem overwhelming.

Many people with just those intentions have turned to mindfulness in recent years to help negotiate the stresses of being constantly 'on the go', finding a few moments of calm with their daily meditation practice in the middle of juggling relationships, fitness, work, hobbies and life admin. Mindfulness has become highly valued but what it reveals is often a need for something else as well...

Kindness practice is a time-honoured companion to mindfulness for good reason, and even more valuable today. In the middle of all the distraction, many of us have forgotten kindness. How to be kind and honest to ourselves, and maybe somewhat uncomfortably, how to be truly kind to others. It can seem like an impossible task to find time for random acts of kindness when pressures of work and life mount up. Often we end up neglecting or mistreating ourselves and our relationships suffer. A sense of meaning, purpose, spontaneity and joy can become harder to grasp. 

Much like physical exercise trains the body and mindfulness can train our attention, so compassion-based practices can train our ability to self-soothe in positive ways, expand our sense of love and connection with others, and help us appreciate and fully act upon the preciousness of our own lives. 

This course offer alternative strategies to find what we're looking for with greater ease. It combines mindfulness, meditation and kindness practices developed over thousands of years of wisdom and backed by the latest scientific research in a way that's relevant to our modern times. With this clear, engaging and collaborative program you will develop and track your transformation in terms of your own sense of well-being, satisfaction and inter-personal relationships. 

Course Overview

Written and delivered by Natalie Cristal Morrison Train Your Heart is a 10 week online course, in which you will learn how to appreciate and nurture yourself, your environment and others in a whole new way. 

Delivered in live online group sessions on a weekly basis, you will have the opportunity to build your confidence with the material, discuss and share your experiences and challenges, and receive support and motivation from Natalie and the group. You'll also get access to a private discussion forum, training material, guided meditations and recordings of each session in case you weren't able to attend. 


You'll gain:

  • Techniques for how to create a greater sense of peace and balance in your life
  • Confidence in how to build meditation and mindfulness into your daily life
  • A deeper insight into what motivates you and what you want out of life
  • Ways to manage challenging areas of your life that cause you pain or discomfort and transform old habits
  • A greater sense of personal freedom around your time and energy
  • A deeper sense of gratitude and connection with others and the world around you
  • Methods and guidance for healing wounded relationships and building better rapport and trust with others


  • Week 1: Orientation and exploring your motivations. Introduction to mindfulness and compassion-based practices.
  • Week 2: Cultivating stillness and compassion towards the self (part I)
  • Week 3: Compassion towards close friends and relatives and the relationship to our own well-being.
  • Week 4: Cultivating stillness and compassion towards the self (part II)
  • Week 5: Compassion towards acquaintances and working with issues that arise in our short, daily interactions
  • Week 6: Cultivating greater insight and wisdom (part I)
  • Week 7: Compassion towards others who we dislike or choose to disregard
  • Week 8: Cultivating greater insight and wisdom (part II)
  • Week 9: Compassion towards larger groups of people
  • Week 10: Continuing the journey


  • 10 hours of high quality online tuition in mindfulness, meditation and compassion-based practices (live sessions + recordings)
  • Private discussion group and peer support
  • Guided meditations to accompany the program
  • Training material and suggested further reading
  • 2 x 30 min private check-ins with Natalie to discuss your practice



Early bird price (up to 1 month before): £120

Full price: £160

Invite a friend and you both receive a 20% discount



What's involved

The live course sessions will run on Tuesday evenings, at 8pm GMT. We understand that it can be difficult to attend every live sessions but the more you are able to participate in these the more rewarding you will find the course. They will however all be recorded and made available to you. 

The group size will be kept intimate. Each week there will be reading material provided and challenges around meditation, mindfulness and kindness practices set so you should allow an additional 30 mins per day for these, plus an additional 1-2 hours over the weekend for some of the deeper explorations. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your practice on a one on one basis with Natalie twice during the program. 

This is a rich and potentially transformational course on many levels and will equip you with ways to cope with issues such as stress, anxiety and depression in the long term, however if you are feeling particularly overwhelmed at the moment you may find some of the content challenging. Please do get in touch if you're in any doubt to discuss whether the course would be suitable for you. 


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