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4 Roach Rd
London, E3
United Kingdom

Transform your well-being, body and performance with Natalie Cristal Morrison. Natalie is a London based yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner and Health Coach. She offers corporate wellness and team performance training to optimise your and your team's well-being and success. 


Personal Training

Feeling good in your body is essential for your overall health and well-being. With regular exercise you have more vitality, your skin glows, and you build your self-confidence and ability to handle life with ease.


Whole-body fitness

Natalie's ethos is to restore balance and harmony in the body to really allow you to thrive in life and exceed your goals. Developing cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility in a way that helps you look great and serve your unique needs for a healthy, happy life is central to Natalie's approach. 

Together we will work out a training program which is:


Natalie takes whole mind, body, spirit approach to meeting your goals. She combines her understanding of lifestyle management, meditation and nutrition with a variety of techniques including HIIT, endurance training, circuits, kettlebells, bodyweight, TRX, yoga, pilates and freeweights to hone you into shape and deliver you a body you'll love.


Natalie really gets to know you to ensure your program aligns to your values, interests and lifestyle. This way you're much more likely to stay motivated and see real long-term change. She recognises that classes should enjoyable.  Her approach is centered around deep respect for the human body, so that you keep exceeding your goals time and time again while keeping your body in great condition.


Natalie's approach is grounded in solid research and scientific insight to structure your workout for maximum efficiency and results. She uses her extensive Project Management experience to elicit the right targets, plan your optimal program, keep you on track, and measure your success. 

Target Areas

Fat Loss and Weight Management


Without considering its appearance, carrying excess weight has been linked with heart disease and many of the health issues we face. Losing excess fat and keeping it off is about much more than just burning excess calories. By meeting your unique dietary needs, addressing your motivations, and optimising your exercise program for your long-term health, Natalie will work with you to sculpt a lifestyle by which excess weight disappears naturally as a by product of your health and happiness. 

Sculpting, toning and strengthening

Create yourself into the shape you want to be and feel the physical and psychological benefits of a stronger body which is better able to carry you through life with confidence and ease. Natalie can create a program to develop lean muscle tissue, with nutritional and lifestyle guidance.

Posture, flexibility and mobility

Good postural health comes with core strength and flexibility. At any age, it's important to create the conditions in your body for a healthy back, and to avoid common degenerative health issues in the future. Natalie can carry out postural assessment and help you correct imbalances to maintain your muscular and skeletal health for years to come. 


Trial session - £40

1 hour session - £75

6 x 1 hour sessions - £395

*24 hours notice required for cancellations

Case Study

Goal: increase muscle tone and definition in time for wedding. 

Duration: 2.5 months

I wouldn't usually do this, but I want to say thank you @wellnessbynatalie for my FANTASTIC #wedbod!!! Best personal trainer around! You all need to see @wellnessbynatalie - she gives you the best abs in town!


Natalie's training covers:

REPS level 3 Personal Trainer (Central YMCA); Circuits (Discovery Learning); Kettlebells (Discovery Learning); TRX (TRX); Mixed Martial Arts (Discovery Learning); Certified Pilates Instructor (Active IQ); Yoga Instructor (300 hrs);  First Aid