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4 Roach Rd
London, E3
United Kingdom

Transform your well-being, body and performance with Natalie Cristal Morrison. Natalie is a London based yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner and Health Coach. She offers corporate wellness and team performance training to optimise your and your team's well-being and success. 



Mindfulness and Meditation


Mindfulness is the practice of being fully attentive in the present moment throughout your daily life. 

Meditation is the name given to a wide collection of practices which involve training attention. 

Both mindfulness and meditation offer a wide range of benefits for living in a more satisfied, engaged, inspired and connected way.

Many of us are struggling with the impact of some of the changes in technology and priorities within our society, which have become especially detrimental to well-being over the past few decades. The benefits of mindfulness and meditation of are tremendous. A regular sitting practice has been shown to enhance concentration, lower blood pressure and improve sleep. It is used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Not only that, but meditation helps you develop valuable insights about your habits and relationships, giving you a greater degree of freedom of control over your life.

You can access profound mental states of joy and deep satisfaction, and a sense of awakening to the nature of the things and of your place in life. 


Natalie is trained in Delivering Mindful Meditation to Others by the renowned zen master and psychotherapist Michael Stone. Having practiced meditation for over a decade she has extensive experience applying meditation through many of the same challenges we all face living in this kind of environment. Natalie teaches meditation and mindfulness for some of the most progressive, highly-regarded companies in the world, and is a popular teacher at various locations across London. 

30min trial session - £15   

45min session - £30

6 x 45min sessions - £160

*24 hours notice required for cancellations

Arrange an in-person session, or a Skype call to start integrating meditation into your life and discover the benefits for yourself.