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I love it, it’s the highlight of my week! It’s made such a difference to my life as it’s difficult for me to get the exercise I need outside of work. Natalie is brilliant. I’d do it twice a week if we could!
— Yoga student, Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)


about Natalie

With a project and program management career spanning over a decade in media, advertising and technology industries and extensive experience as a wellness professional Natalie is uniquely positioned to work with you to spark powerful changes within your organisation in terms of employee wellness, productivity and retention. She understands inside out the increasingly difficult demands of juggling a corporate career with the need to maintain a personal life and still adequately look after one's well-being and has shared her experience with many of the world's most innovative employers including:


Natalie also collaborates with Stretching the City, Yogi2Me and Soho Works to offer yoga, pilates and meditation in the office. 


the business case

When your employees are engaged, business challenges are more easily overcome and targets are more naturally exceeded. Financially, businesses with highly engaged staff frequently outperform. 

staff turnover

Disengaged staff are four times more likely to leave the organisation than the average employee.

Highly engaged organisations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87% by enhancing their wellness.

Replacing employees who leave can cost up to 150% of the departing employee’s salary.

54% of British full-time employees feel their employer does not care about their health and wellbeing, as long as they get the job done.

employee absence

Sickness absence in Britain costs the economy an estimated £15 billion per year. This includes lost productivity/output, time spent on sickness absence management and healthcare.

Companies with highly engaged staff report employees taking an average of 7 absence days per year, approximately half the 14 days per year reported in low engagement companies.

Those employees in high engagement companies also reportsignificantly less workplace stress, 28% versus 39%

Sources: Engage for SuccessNICE


Wellness Industry Expertise


The rise of wellness as an industry has hardly gone unnoticed by brands. In this already crowded marketplace, understanding of the nuanced needs, tastes and aspirations of yoga students, those developing a meditation practice, and those looking to enhance their overall well-being is more critical than ever to successful product and marketing strategies. 

Natalie lives and breathes the wellness industry, connecting with hundreds of students and clients on a weekly basis. This depth of understanding, combined with her background in product management, marketing and digital media enable her to aggregate and translate this understanding into valuable insights into how to best serve and engage this audience.