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As We Live and Breathe - Mindful Morning on Hampstead Heath

As part of Natalie’s new project, As We Live and Breathe

Weekend mornings are so precious but can often fly by without being fully appreciated. Reclaim this special time to connect with your own being, with nature and cultivate gratitude towards, and presence with, the unique and ever-changing qualities of your experience. Develop your ability to make mindfulness a lived experience, so that you can open to the full richness of your life.



11.00am ~ Guided mindful movement to stretch and invigorate the body

11.30am ~ Mindful walking on the Heath

12.00pm ~ Guided meditation

12.30pm ~ Departures

Mindful mornings are held on a donation basis. Suggested donations are £5-£15 depending on your current finances and willingness to support more of these events in future.