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Mindful Cafe: Steadiness

  • Common Cafe 17 The Pavement London, England, SW4 0HY United Kingdom (map)

As part of As We Live and Breathe

Theme: Steadiness

In a chaotic world, how can we find a sense of strength and steadiness? In this session we’ll explore techniques to help us feel more anchored to our values, goals, and an inner sense of calm.

Our Mindful Café evenings are a monthly opportunity to start or develop your mindfulness practice within the local community and to explore and discuss themes that impact all our lives. There is time for guidance, time for silence and room for lively debate.

Mindfulness helps us to really connect with life in a deep way, to see it clearly for what is. In addition to being a stress reduction tool, it is a way of waking up to the truth within our hearts, to our innate tenderness, kindness, strength, fragility and power. In this way we step into becoming fuller, truer versions of ourselves.

At the heart of mindfulness teachings is the recognition that we are all interconnected, and that our interdependence extends out towards all aspects of the natural and man-made world. Our sessions are held at conscious, eco-aware venues to reinforce and promote this ethos.

Whether you’re new to mindfulness or meditation practices or whether you’ve been practicing for a long time, you will be most welcome.

This event is offered on a donation basis. All proceeds go towards carbon offsetting .