Public classes in London


Natalie's schedule changes frequently. Follow for the latest class updates and offers. 


Book a class via the studio by selecting from the links below. 


Vinyasa and meditation 6-7pm / Soho Works (Shoreditch, Members only)


No public classes


Inner glow yoga 9.20-10.20 / Yogasphere (Mayfair)

Mandala yoga 10.20-11.20 / Yogasphere (Mayfair)


Vinyasa 12.15-1.15  / Benk & Bo (Liv. St/Aldgate)

Vinyasa 16.15-17.30 / Yogasphere (Mayfair)

Yin Yoga 17.15-16.16 / Yogasphere (Mayfair)


Yoga core 15.15-16.15 / Yogasphere (Mayfair)


Vinyasa Yoga / 9.15-10.15  / Yogasphere (Mayfair)

Warm restorative Yoga / 10.45 -11.45  / Yogasphere (Mayfair)


No public classes



"Natalie fosters an environment where students are challenged to make progress at their own pace through differentiated asanas. She guides her students to develop a deeper understanding of the philosophy of yoga, working on meditation and with a focus on breathing. She sets a clear objective for each practice that differs each week, be it working on inversions, opening hamstrings or embracing the challenge of holding common asanas for longer. She has a magical way of creating both energy and calm in her classes. An hour of true tranquility in a busy week."

"I've tried several yoga classes, but Natalie's is the first I've stuck with. Natalie's knowledge, encouragement and great sense of humor have motivated me to progress and improve week on week and I leave each time feeling fitter, stronger and blissed."