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4 Roach Rd
London, E3
United Kingdom

Transform your well-being, body and performance with Natalie Cristal Morrison. Natalie is a London based yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner and Health Coach. She offers corporate wellness and team performance training to optimise your and your team's well-being and success. 

Case Study: sculpting a hot #weddingbody


Natalie shares her yoga life - attending yoga events, classes and workshops in London and around the world. The yoga world from the inside. Yoga philosophy - the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and much more.  

Case Study: sculpting a hot #weddingbody

Natalie Morrison

Goal: increase muscle tone and definition in time for wedding. wanted to look amazing in wedding dress and particularly to tighten up around the waist to fit the dress well. 

Duration: 2.5 months ; 2 PT sessions/week + 3 additional training days/week

Considerations: client was not a fan of traditional personal training or exercise but did like yoga and was willing to do pilates. High level of overall fitness but some old outstanding injuries (wrist, back). 

Approach: Training session included highly dynamic yoga sequences, often incorporating use of light weights and repetition into standing sequences. Heavy use of pilates exercises for core conditioning. Interspersed these sessions with some yoga-influenced high intensity interval training training and natural movement practices. 

In addition to PT sessions client followed a cardio program consisting of low speed/high resistance training mixed with high intensity interval training and followed a 15min program of customised exercises to sculpt her body. She also kept up her weekly yoga and pilates class.


I wouldn't usually do this, but I want to say thank you @wellnessbynatalie for my FANTASTIC #wedbod!!! Best personal trainer around! You all need to see @wellnessbynatalie - she gives you the best abs in town!