#yogasutrachallenge: Freedom comes from constant discriminative discernment- Patanjali Book II Sutra 26

Patanjali has previously said if we can remove ignorance, we will find liberation. In this Sutra he talks about achieving this through ‘viveka khyatih’ or ‘discriminative discernment’ – the ability to see the world for what it is at all times. Our world, and we ourselves, are constantly changing but the underlying essence of things remains the same. As water rises from the sea, forms into clouds and then falls back down as rain but remains as water, so nothing is ever really gained or lost. We have no need to fear loss or to celebrate gain. By recognising this at all times we always have something to celebrate as we have the opportunity simply observe the beauty of what really is, to learn from it and contribute towards it. 

Natalie MorrisonComment