#yogasutrachallenge: The yogi’s wisdom has seven ultimate stages - Patanjali Book II Sutra 27

The seven steps to truly freeing the mind are said to be:

1.       Knowing that to end suffering what we need to know comes from within.

2.       Removing the causes of suffering – ignorance, desire, fear, attachment, ego – from the mind

3.       Realising that freeing the mind is achieved by truly understanding that the soul and the intellect are separate things

4.       Achieving that true understanding that the soul and intellect are separate

The yogi enters a phase of jivanmukti – liberation while still in the physical body. At this stage things become much more supernatural…

5.       Intelligence fulfills its purpose to provide either worldly experience or liberation and becomes redundant

6.       The yogi’s mind dissolves back into nature

7.       The yogi’s soul reaches kevala, absolute freedom

Needless to say, most of us will not go beyond stage one or two in our lifetime and only a handful of dedicated yogis go to stage four and beyond. But even making progress in the early stages and bring a great deal more contentment in our lives. We can do this by creating space for awareness of the self to develop – either by meditating, practicing on the mat, or doing something creative – whatever we love that helps us connect. We can also do this by bringing more awareness to how our minds make up excuses to avoid what we need and don’t enjoy, or vice versa. By catching them with the light of our consciousness they start to melt away one by one, allowing the true self to shine!

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