#yogasutrachallenge: Ignorance is the cause of our union with the physical world- Patanjali Book II Sutra 24

Patanjali in previous sutras has described how we all carry with us Samskaras, mental and emotional scars or traits which form out of our habits, and in turn, are reinforced by our habitual thought patterns and behaviour. In particular, he says these Samskaras cause ignorance as they influence how we see the world – skewing our perception of how things really are. 

The more we challenge the way we think and act, seeing things from the perspective of others, breaking down our habits, attachments and fears, and just changing things up regularly, the more Patanjali thinks we might realise that this world we live in is not as real as we imagine – that our bodies, minds, and everything in the physical world are simply temporary, indefinite representations of an all-permeating conscious energy: that energy which connects all of us, charges every atom and defines pure knowledge of all things, in all dimensions, at all times. At the very least, it will make us wiser and happier if we keep challenging the way we view the world, giving us the courage follow our dreams!

Natalie MorrisonComment