#yogasutrachallenge: Through the union of consciousness with the physical world it possesses, the true form and power of both can be understood - Patanjali Book II Sutra 23

“Don’t try hard, try easy” was a phrase I recently read in a book on Power Yoga by Baron Baptiste, and it’s really stuck with me. There’s so much to be said for making that little extra effort to get out and interact with the world in new and challenging ways, carving out experiences. Every experience is an opportunity to see a clearer view of ourselves by observing how we feel and behave in that situation.

We all know and value this inherently – it’ why many people feel the need to travel to distant cultures to “find themselves”. But practically speaking, often the option to stay within our comfort zone wins. It’s so easy to tell ourselves our time would be better spent relaxing watching Netflix, or focusing on doing even more work, or whatever it might be – even practising (physical) yoga! It’s definitely true that daily life can be hard enough, and that we should be kind to ourselves. But by consistently and persistently “trying easy” to develop our understanding of ourselves and the world we can make great strides, and Patanjali says, this will eventually lead us to liberation.

Natalie MorrisonComment