#yogasutrachallenge: The world we experience dissolves for someone who reaches liberation, but remains for the rest of us - Patanjali Book II Sutra 22

The yogic tradition sees the world as an illusion; our quest is to navigate through lifetime after lifetime, learning about life and ourselves, and gaining more and more understanding to the point where the soul becomes liberated. We’re like boats, each travelling along our own little dreamy river until we finally reach the ocean. The more we listen to ourselves and challenge ourselves to learn these lessons, the more productive our lives and the quicker we’ll get there.

In yoga, consciousness itself can be seen like a network of rivers and the ocean – with each of us having our own “river” of consciousness, but these being only a small part of the overall system – we’re ultimately all connected!  Patanjali says that even once one person’s quest is over – their boat is in the ocean, so to speak - that doesn’t mean these rivers don’t remain for the rest of us. We’re all on our own journeys, but we’re also all connected as we travel.  

Natalie MorrisonComment