#yogasutrachallenge - Patanjali Book II

#yogasutrachallenge: Our physical world is constantly in a state of flux between the forces of light, motion and inertia. These elements along with our sense organs, exist to provide us either experience or liberation - Patanjali Book II Sutra 18

Whether we like it or not, life is constantly changing. As conditions around us change, we change too. Even minor differences from one day to the next will impact simple decisions like what we’d like to eat or what we feel like wearing. It’s our natural instinct to want to balance these forces but the world carries on in its state of flux regardless of whether we’re there or not. It’s the way we choose to perceive and react to things that determines whether any given moment will bring us nearer to freedom and bliss, or keep us on the same old treadmill of life – chasing pleasure and avoiding pain. Still, our experiences are a mirror the soul: the more we try, the more we learn and the better we get at finding the right balance. So just keep trying!! :D