#yogasutrachallenge: Associating yourself, the Seer, with your body, the Seen, causes avoidable suffering – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book II Sutra 17

Here Patanjali is saying, if you confuse your true self (i.e. your eternal soul), which just happens to be living in the form of “you” at this moment, with your body and mind, you’re asking for trouble. Don’t let mind or anyone else define you by how you look, what you wear, how you happen to be feeling at this moment, even what you think you’re “good” or “bad” at. Our minds and bodies change all the time – renewing cells, learning and forgetting, so “you” right now isn’t even “you” a second ago!

By practicing yoga, we learn to stay true in ourselves, and to simply observe what we’re feeling or thinking, acknowledging that there is a difference between these sensations and who we truly are. In this way we can greatly reduce any suffering or frustration, and find a wonderful sense of ease and lightness to life.