#yogasutrachallenge Book II Sutra 7 – We get attached to things that give us pleasure

#yogasutrachallenge Book II Sutra 7 – We get attached to things that give us pleasure The third challenge to happiness and enlightenment, Patanjali says, is attachment. Naturally, we get attached to things that bring us pleasure or have made us feel happy in the past. We remember pleasant experiences and want to repeat them. These might be quite vivid, conscious memories, or they may be more latent – etched into who we are from childhood or even a previous life (as samkaras). This attachment is an affliction because again, we’re wrongly identifying the self with the body and mind, seeking out what pleases them. We’re acting ignorantly, thinking that what make us happy at that time is the right thing for the soul at this moment. I love smoothies but just because I had one for breakfast yesterday which tasted great and left me feeling nourished doesn’t mean that’s always what my body needs – some days it might leave me feeling too sluggish, when it's really cold I feel better if I have porridge, or some days a more protein-rich breakfast is better for me. Not to mention that too much of a good thing ruins it, as we all know but sometimes forget. Desire also can end up manifesting as greed – we want so much of that thing that we think will make us happy that even our sense of morality can get affected. We can get angry when we don’t get what we want. A whole cycle of negative consequences can arise. That’s why freeing ourselves from attachment to pleasure will ultimately bring us more happiness! #smoothie #happiness #joeandthejuice #yogasutrachallenge #trueyogacollective #londonyoga #innerpeace #freeyourspirit #freeyourmind #breakfast

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