2 months ago #yogasutrachallenge Book II Sutra 8 – We develop aversion to things which bring us pain

#yogasutrachallenge Book II Sutra 8 – We develop aversion to things which bring us pain Like the previous sutra on pleasure and attachment, the link between pain and our aversions is pretty straightforward. But mindfulness of this in daily life isn’t quite so easy. How many times a day do we make excuses for not doing things we should be doing? The old ‘I can’t start on that because first I need to clean every corner of the house/do the shopping/organise my shoes/ANYTHING ELSE I can think of’. Or ‘it’s just not the right time’. Or ‘I’m not the right type of person to be doing that’. We’re avoiding confronting boredom, fear, hard work or whatever it may be. Again, often this is due to painful memories of similar experiences which we’re projecting onto experiences that haven’t happened yet (and at this rate maybe never will!). Going into anything with an attitude like that isn’t going to help. But how often you do finish whatever it was and go ‘that wasn’t so bad actually’?’ or ‘I’m so glad I did that after all’. I do it all the time. As they say, you very rarely regret the things you do as you can always take something from it, but you often regret what you don’t do. I read an article recently where some psychologist was talking about two internal ‘voices’ of the mind: the wimp and the brat. It's a nice way to think about this and the previous sutra. The wimp says things like the above examples – ‘oh I’ll just leave that to another time/someone else/I’d better not’. The brat is the voice of attachment – ‘but I WANT it! NOW! In THIS way!’. The aim is to silence both the wimp and the brat, and yoga can help! #yogasutrachallenge #eastlondonyoga #natalieyoga.com #hackneywick #londonyoga #freeyourmind #freeyourspirit #procrastination #shoes #trueyogacollective #trueyoga

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