#yogasutrachallenge: The niyamas (observances)) are cleanliness, contentment, tolerance, study and devotion – Patanjali Book II Sutra 32

Here Patanjali describes the personal behaviours a yogi should observe to help them on the path to enlightenment. Internal and external mental and physical cleanliness, which includes avoiding intoxicating substances and being mindful of feelings such as jealousy, pride, vanity or hatred helps to keep the mind and body free from agitation, which can disrupt a yogi’s progress. Same goes for being content with what you have, not desiring too much, and being able to tolerate many of the daily discomforts we face – a hot commute, background noise etc. – so that they don’t influence us on our path. Finally, through spiritual study of the world and the self, as well as cultivating a sense of external devotion to whatever the divine represents to you, Patanjali is suggesting our efforts will be rewarded with a greater sense of peace, poise and lightness!

Natalie MorrisonComment