#yogasutrachallenge: In the presence of someone who truly embodies non-violence, all hostility ceases - Book II Sutra 35

I think most of us have learned from experience that on the whole if you take a hostile attitude, you receive hostility in return, while if you are peaceful, friendly or uncompetitive others are delighted and feel the same way back. 
In this sutra Patanjali is saying that people who have mastered ahmisa (non-violence) radiate such a powerful, peaceful energy that even two people who are in brutal conflict forget their differences in their presence. This is of course a frightfully difficult level to attain – Gandhi himself admitted he was “still trying”, but it is undoubtedly true that all of us can do our part. For example, by choosing not to fire off that angry email, drive aggressively in response to a careful driver, or needlessly consume goods that harm animals or humans in other parts of the world we can all make each other feel a little more at ease. Which, in a world with so much hostility is a subtle, but powerful force. 

Natalie MorrisonComment