#‎yogasutrachallenge‬ : Practice of the limbs of yoga destroys impurities and switches on the light of knowledge. This culminates in true understanding – Patanjali Book II Sutra 28

In this sutra Patanjali finally introduces the famous “limbs” of yoga which have formed the foundation of yogic practice to this very day. 

While sutra 1.2, ‘yogas citta vrtti nirodhah’ or ‘yoga is the stilling of the movements of the mind’ defines what yoga is, today’s sutra encapsulates what the practice of yoga was designed to do.
The impurities to be destroyed Patanjali refers to are the 5 klesas, or obstacles – ignorance, ego, attachment aversion, clinging to life – which cloud our view of reality. We carry these around with us all day, every day, and they prevent our happiness. More than that, they prevent us from the ultimate heights of yogic achievement: seeing the Divine – both within ourselves and within everything – as the one true thing that exists. By practicing yoga we remove mental, physical and spiritual baggage so that we become lighter, and enlightened in every sense. ☀ 

Natalie MorrisonComment