Day 16 of #yogasutrachallenge: YS 1.16 Tatparam purusakhyateh gunavaitrsnyam

Day 16 of #yogasutrachallenge: YS 1.16 Tatparam purusakhyateh gunavaitrsnyam My interpretation: The ultimate non-attachment is when we transcend the qualities of nature itself and perceive the soul. In this sutra, Patanjali’s talking about a state we experience where, long after we’ve left our cravings for coffee behind us and when we’ve shaken off attachments to our memories, to our self-identity, and to the fabric of our very lives, we’ve actually freed our minds enough to see our souls. We’ve transcended the veil of nature itself and dwelled in the sheer bliss of our own pure consciousness. Then we step back into the world. What must that feel like, just wandering around being completely unattached from anything? Do you still have to go to work? I’ve had several times in my life when I achieved something that felt so important that I thought I would transcend reality: completing Super Mario was one such times, I suppose graduating was another. But this is more on ‘The Matrix’ scale of self-realisation – a real ‘I know Kung Fu’ kind of moment. Satchidananda finds a nice way to think it by drawing an analogy with sport. He uses cricket but I’m going to use skiing. I have never been a skier. I tried. Twice. First time I could barely stand with my skis uncrossed. Second time I managed to go down a dry slope for a few seconds before someone crashed into the back of me and I ended up with sprains, scratches and bruises all over me. It was enough to put me off and never quite find the motivation to try it again. Not to mention it’s cold. Yet millions of people love skiing. They plummet down vast mountain ranges merrily without any concern. The analogy is that basically, we’re all like me, wobbling around miserable with our skis crossed, and when you’ve reached the ultimate state of non-attachment you’re basically just cruising around happily in the snow, doing jumps and stuff. Truly enjoying life in their little bubble of bliss. Sounds alright to me :).

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