Day 29 of #yogasutrachallenge: YS 1.29 Tatah pratyak detanadhigamo ‘pyantarayabhavas ca

Day 29 of #yogasutrachallenge: YS 1.29 Tatah pratyak detanadhigamo ‘pyantarayabhavas ca My interpretation: By repeating ‘Om’ all the obstacles to enlightenment melt away and understanding of the true self is revealed. Who would have thought it was that simple? Patanjali says the practice of Japa (repetition of ‘om’) described yesterday is what it takes to clear your mind of any obstacles that would stop you realising your true self and reaching enlightenment. It’s all about rising above the mediocrity of daily life. The tedious wants and needs of the mind and body. So much of our time is dedicated to things like feeding ourselves and dressing ourselves, to tidying our homes and working to pay the bills. To surviving, basically. It seems there’s little time left to contemplate the divine when you should be doing the laundry. Even the most mild-tempered of us struggle to live that kind of life. The soul gets restless, craving meaning, or release, or distraction. Sometimes, the ego steps in and we just try and do those things THE BEST. Other times, we find hobbies – craft, art, sport, travel, whatever it may be. Others channel this dissatisfaction in less healthy ways. But taking the time to contemplate something beyond all that, according to Patanjali, is like a form of cosmic psychotherapy. By thinking about the purusha (soul) of the Universe, which is the same substance as our own purusha, we come to realise who we are and why we are. Our mental hang ups, emotional baggage, and even physical illness simply melt away and we find blissful peace.

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