As We Live & Breathe


Natalie is the founder of the As We Live & Breathe, an organisation which promotes conscious living for personal and planetary wellbeing. It offers

Mindful living, movement and meditation events

Support on creating a more beautiful way of being and living in our world

This is a time where the ground is shifting beneath our feet. Rapid changes in technology and the environment have become the norm and are only set to accelerate. Our post-industrial era saw tremendous growth, innovation, and increased quality of life for those of us on the fortunate side of the equation. It also generated enormous inequality globally and environmental degradation. As economic growth is set to slow to almost zero and as we enter a climate emergency, how can we find new ways of living that promote a sense of security and flourishing for ourselves and help to create a regenerative environment for future generations?

AS WE LIVE AND BREATHE is an endeavour which is inspired by the work of ecological thinkers such as Joanna Macy, Naomi Klein and Bill McKibbin. On the work of innovators in economic thinking such as Kate Raworth. And of course on the ancient wisdom of Buddhist contemplative practices as well as the contemporary neuroscience which corroborates much of the techniques presented in the Buddhist mindfulness teachings.

For our part, we’re looking to help people find a real sense of well-being and for flourishing within this very society. A means of opening up a conversation around how we really want to live and an opportunity to create powerful movement for change. We want to help facilitate the discovery within each and every one of us of an alternative future. Our future.


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