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4 Roach Rd
London, E3
United Kingdom

Transform your well-being, body and performance with Natalie Cristal Morrison. Natalie is a London based yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner and Health Coach. She offers corporate wellness and team performance training to optimise your and your team's well-being and success. 


Natalie Cristal | Wellness

Transform your well-being and your team's potential with Natalie Cristal Morrison. Private wellness coaching, corporate wellbeing, mindfulness and team effectiveness development. Yoga classes, female Personal Trainer and NLP life coach. Based in London


I want to live in a world where people have the vitality and inspiration to realize their most authentic dreams. Where we join together to enhance the well-being of those in our communities, of our society, and of this planet.  


Wellness means different things to everyone. For some it might be doing yoga on a beach, for some it's killer abs and a promotion. For others it might simply be the ability to get out of bed. Over time our goals tend to shift a lot when we start to pay attention to our wellness needs. They naturally evolve as we take our own journey of discovery that transforms us inside and out. Wellness is a process, a constant choice, an adventure. It comes as the result of switching how we think and it profoundly impacts our own quality of life and that of countless others as a result. Don't underestimate how important that is. Xx


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January focus: 



On the surface it may seem that most of us have this pretty well in hand – few of us are personally engaged in any obvious kind of violence such as war. However looking just a little beneath that surface opens up a rich treasure trove of ideas to help us improve the quality of our lives.
   Week 1: Non-violence to our own bodies
   Week 2: Non-violence to ourselves mentally
   Week 3: Non-violence to others
   Week 4: Non-violence to the earth

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