How can we meet the challenges of our modern world with resiliency and grace?

There’s an art to maintaining a sense of wellbeing. Rather than offering a rigid set of rules, Natalie believes in taking a more fluid approach. In providing tools to help us align with the inherent harmony within each moment, even as life is in flux.

Finding harmony requires radical acceptance; embracing the way things are and their impermanence in equal measure. This does not necessarily mean taking the easy option. When we are able to fully honour and accept how we feel, how we can move, how we perceive the world, and the complexity of the web of life there’s a tremendous power in that. A power to transcend outdated versions of ourselves at the individual and collective level.

As expressions of nature, by nature, our force is organic: we adapt, we regenerate, and we flourish. But time passes swiftly and opportunity is easily lost. Meanwhile, the world needs us more than ever. We are each responsible for realising the full potential of our lives. Now is the time to embrace this radical harmony.



Natalie Morrison is one of London’s leading modern mindfulness and meditation teachers, a yoga and movement teacher, environmental activist and public speaker.

With a background as a corporate strategist and as a graduate of the London School of Economics, she integrates physical and spiritual practices, philosophy, social science and environmental awareness into practical teachings that are relevant to enhancing our wellbeing in today and tomorrow’s world.